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Open Source Designs

Many of our products include design files that are distributed, free of cost, from our website. We encourage others to freely use and modify the circuits that we have designed and to integrate them into their own projects, whether for personal or commercial use. For this to occur, copyright law requires us to explicitly grant redistribution rights. 

Propeller 1 (P8X32A) Multicore Microcontroller Design Files

Open Source Propeller 1 ChipThe Propeller 1 Verilog files consist of the hardware description language that defines the chip's architecture and layout. These files have been released under the GNU General Public License v3.0.

The Propeller 1 Verilog files and instructions for using them are in the downloads area on the DE0-Nano product page and the DE2-115 product page.


Parallax Printed Circuit Board Hardware Designs

Open Source Hardware logoTo encourage the reuse of our designs, especially in open-source hardware projects, we will release design files for selected products under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 license. This allows anyone to use, modify, and distribute these designs without explicitly receiving permission from Parallax.

For more information about open-source hardware, see the current draft of the open-source hardware definition.

The products listed below are open-source hardware designs and have design files released in a format that allows editing and under a license that allows redistribution.

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Propeller Object Code

We release code for the Propeller on the Propeller Object Exchange under the MIT license.  All code posted there, whether originating from us or a third party, is required to be released under the MIT license.


Open-Source Software Projects

We are also working to release much of our computer software under open-source licenses. Please check the individual open source licenses for each project. These programs may contain source code or binary files that have been licensed from third parties. The third-party portions will contain their own copyright notices and may not be licensed under proprietary (non open-source) licenses.

Parallax Serial Terminal Source Code 

Propellent Library & Executable Source Code

S2 Robot GUI Software Perl Source Code

Open Source Software Efforts on GitHub (offsite)


Editing Software

We recommend the following programs for editing our open-source files: