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Propeller C

Propeller C Tutorial Kits and Products

Beginner-level C programming for the open source, multi-core Propeller microcontroller is supported by our Propeller C Tutorial series, featuring the Propeller Activity Board WX, ActivityBot 360° Robot, and Propeller FLiP microcontroller module. 

Propeller Activity Board Products

The Activity Board WX is the hardware core of our Propeller C Tutorials. It balances circuilt-building freedom on the solderless breadboard with convenient built-in ADC and sockets for XBee, microSD, and audio jack.  It's a great combination for learning multi-core programming, electronics, and robotics.   The board is the brains of our ActivityBot Robot Kit and is also available separately, just click on the products below.  The Propeller FLiP module is a low-cost, space-saving alternative for creating your own inventions.

Robot Add-ons, Sensors, and Accessories

We have Propeller C Tutorials, projects with circuits and example code, libraries, or programming hints for the robotics add-ons, sensors, displays, human input devices, and other accessories below. Just click on a product and look for tutorial links under Additional Resources, or example C code under Downloads.

Support and Resources

Our Tech Support Staff is happy to assist with software installation connection troubleshooting. Our Learn Forum is also available at any time, and it's the best place get help with any Propeller C Tutorial or project we've posted to our Learn site. your custom Propeller C projects.  In addition, teachers are invited to sign up for our hands-on workshops.

725-32905: ActivityBot Speaker Mount Kit
900-00018: Portable Hamburger Mini Speaker with Charge Cable
555-28027: Passive Infrared (PIR) Sensor Revision B
2 GB MicroSD Card Front
27800 2-Axis Joystick
28036: 4-Directional Tilt Sensor
VGA SIP Adapter Board Front
900-00005: Parallax Standard Servo
020-00001: 3 Function Universal Remote
28056: LSMDS1 9-axis IMU Module - front view
28085: WS2812B RGB LED Module
900-00005: Parallax Standard Servo
400-00002: Tact Switch
900-00001: Piezo Speaker
350-00029: 850 NM T1 3/4 Phototransistor
350-00027: 7 Segment Green Light Emitting Diode (LED)
28140: RFID Card Reader Serial
555-28027: Passive Infrared (PIR) Sensor Revision B
29132: Sound Impact Sensor
29126: Fingerprint Scanner - assembled view
28504: SIM33EAU GPS Module - front view
28061: BME680 Environmental Sensor - PCB Back View
28041: LaserPING 2m Rangefinder - front view