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Arduino-Friendly Products from Parallax

If the Arduino Uno is your microcontroller of choice, we have something designed just for you.

Board of Education Shield Products

With a solderless breadboard, servo ports, and onboard voltage regulators, the Board of Education Shield makes it easy for Arduino Uno programmers to enjoy Parallax’s beginner-friendly sensors and microcontroller accessories.  It's a great combination for learning programming, electronics, and robotics.  We have Tutorials on our Learn Site to help you get started.  Additionally, Chromebook schools may request a edu.codebender license key free through October 2020.

Robot Add-ons, Sensors and Accessories

Arduino Uno example code is available for the robotics add-ons, sensors, display, human input devices, and other accessories below. Just click on a product, and look for links under Downloads or Additional Resources.

Tech Support

Our Tech Support Staff is happy to help you with any Arduino Uno tutorial and example code we've written and posted to Parallax websites, when used with the Arduino Uno.  We'll refer you to the Arduino forums for assistance with software installation issues, adapting Uno code other Arduino models, and additional programming support for your custom Arduino projects.  You are also welcome to post in the Parallax Forums, since many of our members use a wide variety of microcontrollers.

32330: Arduino Uno - front view
700-00056: Replacement Whisker Wire for Boe-Bot Robot
572-28132: Small Robot Electronics Component Pack
28106: Tank Tread Kit Assembled View - Robot not included
020-00001: 3 Function Universal Remote
900-00005: Parallax Standard Servo
805-00007: USB A to B Cable
27800 2-Axis Joystick
28036: 4-Directional Tilt Sensor
27801: 5-Position Contact Switch
29124 Altimeter Module MS5607- Top View
555-28027: Passive Infrared (PIR) Sensor Revision B
555-27401: QTI Sensor
29132: Sound Impact Sensor
28033: PIR Mini Sensor
28380: ColorPAL Light Detector
28085: WS2812B RGB LED Module
27920 HS1101 Humidity Sensor