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Propeller Project Board USB

  • 32810: Propeller Project Board USB
  • 32810: Propeller Project Board USB Back View
Product ID: 32810


This board is for projects that need a permanent home. Its low cost, feature-rich, and simple design is ideal for most any project using the Propeller P8X32A multicore microcontroller. The core Propeller programming circuitry is built into the board, with access to all 32 I/O pins.  It is programmable in visual BlocklyProp, Propeller C,  and its native Spin and Assembly languages.

Thoughtful features such as power and over-voltage LEDs and well-placed labels on both sides of the board help make circuit-building fast and accurate.  The reset button, USB, power, and optional connectors are all set at right angles for easy access when the finished project is mounted in an enclosure.

Key Features:

  • Programming-ready with surface-mount Propeller P8X32A, 64 KB EEPROM, and 5 MHz removable crystal  
  • USB Mini-B connector for programming and power is compatible with USB charging devices  
  • Large 5.75 square-inch prototyping area with 580 thru-hole connections provides plenty of room for your project's components  
  • Built-in pads and circuitry make it easy to add a microSD card holder and VGA connector    
  • SOT-23 pads and custom-designed 64-pin SMT pads accommodate a wide variety of IC packages   
  • 40-pin header accepts add-on boards made for the Propeller QuickStart


  • Surface-mount Propeller P8X32A-Q44
  • 64 KB EEPROM
  • 5.00 MHz removable crystal
  • USB Mini-B programming
  • 64-pin SMT pads for SO type SMD, 0603, 0805, 1206, SOT-223, CDFP and SSOP  
  • Power and Over Voltage LEDs
  • 16 labeled SOT-23 pads
  • Pads and circuitry for VGA connector (Not included, fits EDAC Inc. 634-015-274-992; Digi-Key #151-1125-ND)
  • Pads and circuitry for microSD card holder (Not included, fits Hirose #DM3D-SF, Digi-Key #H126097CT-ND)
  • External power pads accept:
    • 12 AWG wire,
    • alligator clips,
    • screw terminal (Not included, fits Phoenix Contact #1935161, Digkiey #277-1667-ND),
    • or center-positive barrel jack connector (Not included, fits Switchcraft RAPC722X, Digk-Key #SC1313-ND )     
  • VIN on board 16 V @ 3 A max
  • 3.3 VDC Switching Regulator 1 A
  • VIN on board 16 V @ 3 A max
  • Power Requirements: USB power or 5 to 16 VDC via external input
  • Communication: USB Mini-B for serial-over-USB
  • Dimensions: 3.05 X 4 in (7.7 X 10.2 cm)
  • Operating temperature: -40 to +185 °F (-40 to +85 °C)

Note: This product is an alternative/replacement for the Propeller Proto Board (#32212).

Downloads & Documentation

Product Specific Downloads
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Propeller Project Board USB Schematics - 1.16 MB | updated: 19 Jan 2016 - 4:13 pm
Propeller Project Board USB Product Guide - 1.14 MB | updated: 16 Dec 2014 - 2:20 pm
Propeller Tool Software for Windows (Spin & Assembly) - 19.69 MB | updated: 08 Oct 2012 - 3:42 pm
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