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Parallaxy Telepresence Robot Kit

  • 32800: Parallaxy Telepresence Robot Kit, assembled, right front view
  • 32800: Parallaxy Telepresence Robot Kit, unassembled
  • 32800: Parallaxy Telepresence Robot Kit, assembled, left front view
Product ID: 32800
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NOTE: Parallaxy is available a-la-carte only. Purchase an ActivityBot 360° and the Parallaxy Chassis Expansion Kit from Parallax, and other peripherals from Amazon or the retailer of your choice.

Parallaxy is designed for internet control and livestreaming* on the platform (forked from Parallaxy’s hardware includes everything you need to bring a robot online with open source software provided by Remo TV. You’ll build the ActivityBot 360°, and add the Raspberry Pi, power system, Logitech webcam, and speaker, wire it all up and load the firmware to interact with the software and have complete IoT-ready robot done within a day!  Everything electrical plugs together - no soldering required.

Parallaxy is really a modified ActivityBot 360° but with room for expansion - your customizations and modifications are welcome additions to the chassis. To learn more what this is all about, visit and take a few other users' robots for a test drive. You’ll encounter cats, interact with humans, play with toys, and explore environments that are built exclusively for robots around the world.

Remo TV's technology has applications well beyond small web-controlled robots. Applications in the future could include navigating museums, touring real estate, or professional telepresence.  

See the Parallaxy instructions at the GitHub wiki.


  • Designed for the open telepresence platform
  • Propeller microcontroller and Raspberry Pi firmware are provided (see Additional Resources tab)
  • ActivityBot 360° robot with Feedback 360° servos manages the motor control system
  • Raspberry Pi 3 B+ handles webcam, speaker, and WiFi connection - just plug them into its USB ports
  • All parts of the system are accessible even after assembly, and ready to accessorize

Application ideas

  • Computer science classroom projects and virtual field trips
  • Web controlled interactive games
  • Mobile pet cam
  • Telepresence with family and friends

SHIPPING: Products with lithium batteries are shipped via UPS only; restrictions apply by country; see details.

*Note to customers: if you purchase a Parallaxy for yourself or as a gift, it is important to know that you'll be putting this robot on the internet for others to access. Depending on the environment in which you place your Parallaxy, you could be inviting an invasion of your privacy since the robots have microphones, text to speech, and video capability. For this reason, many choose to install their Parallaxy robots in controlled environments - closed spaces with items of environmental interest for the robot users, like balls, balloons, walls or windows (but not people). We encourage you to be a responsible roboticist and protect the privacy of yourself and others.  



  • Voltage requirements: 5 VDC
  • Current requirements: 3 A
  • Communication: WiFi via Raspberry Pi
  • Dimensions assembled: 8.6" diameter, 6.5" tall
  • Weight assembled: 2.2 lbs

Kit Contents

  • (1) - ActivityBot 360° Robot Kit, unboxed (#32600)
  • (1) - Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+ (#32343)
  • (1) - C920 Logitech webcam with mic (#30026)
  • (1) - USB Speaker (#900-00027)
  • (1) - Battery brick with charger and cables, 12 V DC/5V USB (#752-32800)
  • (1) - Parallaxy Robot Bottom Plate, laser-cut Delrin (#721-32800)
  • (1) - Parallaxy Robot Top Plate, laser-cut acrylic (#721-32801)
  • (4) - 1.25” #4-40 round aluminum standoff (#713-00002)
  • (4) - 1.25” #4 round aluminum spacer (#713-00003)
  • (4) - 5/8” #4-40 round aluminum standoff (#713-00001)
  • (2) - Universal “L” bracket, aluminum (720-00011)
  • (4) - 3/8” Screw, #4-40, pan-head, stainless steel (#700-00002)
  • (4) - 1/4” Screw, #4-40, pan-head, stainless steel (#700-00028)
  • (4) - 1.75” Screw, #4-40, pan-head, stainless steel (#710-00041)
  • (2) - 1/2” Screw, #4-40, pan-head, Nylon (#710-00050)
  • (4) - 3/8” Screw, #1/4-20, pan-head, black Nylon (#710-00051)
  • (1) - Spacer, .060” Delrin (#713-00027)
  • (1) - USB A to microB cable, 1 ft (#805-00018)
  • (15) - Zip ties, black, 5.9 inches (#700-00099)

Additional Resources