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Security Project Class Pack for BlocklyProp

  • 32025: Security Project Class Pack for BlocklyProp - set for 1 student
  • 32025: Security Project Class Pack for BlocklyProp - complete contents
Product ID: 32025


Discontinued; most items are available individually. See the Details tab below for links.  The Security Project Class Pack includes 12 classroom-ready sets of companion devices for the Propeller development boards in your ActivityBot 360° Robot Kits or Propeller FLiP Try-it Kits. The devices are also supported by BASIC Stamp 2 example code for schools using the BS2 Board of Education or Boe-Bot Robot.

This companion pack equips your students to add identification, detection, and human interface features to projects of their own, building valuable transferable skills.

This pack includes our most popular security devices: fingerprint scanners and RFID readers with tags for identification, motion and sound impact sensors for detection, as well as 2x16 LCDs and keypads for creating a user console.  Combine these parts together and create security projects which detect and identify specific people by pairing their identity with a stored fingerprint signature or RFID tag. Add in a keypad for pass control and project configuration, making a complete user console.  See the Details tab below for complete kit contents.

The Security Project Class Pack was produced based on the BlocklyProp resources we offer for the contents of this kit (see Downloads tab below). If instead you are looking for BS2 example code, click the Details tab for links to each item in the kit, and look at the individual products' Downloads.

Educators may choose to keep the class working in parallel on a specific project or experiment with the devices for student-directed projects. Often, educators ask students to consider the hardware available to them, identify a project, construct and build it, and present it to the rest of the students to meet both English communication and science requirements.  

Application Ideas

  • Use the PIR Mini Motion Sensor and Sound Impact Sensor to detect people entering the space. Provided they have a fingerprint recognized by the Fingerprint Scanner and stored in EEPROM, open access by playing a known tune.
  • Use 4x4 Matrix Membrane Keypad and 2x16 Serial LCD as a user console to provide passcode entry access.
  • Fuse several sensors to detect and identify the presence of people and somebody’s individual identity.
  • Associate RFID tags with specific people or objects. As they pass by the RFID Reader (manually, or robotically) record the frequency of each tag’s occurrence.


Kit Contents

  • (12) - PIR Mini Motion Sensor (#28033)
  • (12) - Fingerprint Scanner (#29126)
  • (12) - Sound Impact Sensor (#29132)
  • (12) - RFID Card Reader - Serial (#28140)
  • (12) - RFID 54 x 85 mm Rectangle Tag (#28141)
  • (12) - RFID 50 mm Round Tag (#28142)
  • (12) - RFID Blue Eye Key Fob Tag (#28161)
  • (12) - 2x16 Serial LCD - Backlit (#27977)
  • (12) - 4x4 Matrix Membrane Keypad (#27899)
  • (100) - 10 k-ohm resistors (#150-01030)
  • (100) - 220 ohm resistors (#150-02210)
  • (36) - 3-pin Extension Cable, 6" (#800-00060)

Downloads & Documentation

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