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Inventing Environmental Add-on Kit

  • 32003: Inventing Environmental Add-on Kit - kit contents
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The Environmental Add-On Kit provides students with the components to shape electronic solutions for real-world environmental problems. This kit requires the Electronics Base Kit and is ideal for Henry Ford Invention Convention participants in the grades 6-8 and 9-12 categories.

Invention themes around the Environmental Add-On Kit are plants and farming, environmental conditions (water, air, soil) and color (of fruit, recyclables). The types of sensors in this kit measure these parameters while 96x64 color OLED display is included to show the values (as text and values, bargraphs).

This kit maybe combined with the Mechanical Add-On Kit to provide motion-control for environmental inventions. For example, light levels, temperature, and soil moisture conditions may be modified by changing the localized environment in a mini greenhouse by adjusting air flow or watering.   

The programming environment for the Invention Kit Series is BlocklyProp. BlocklyProp is a well-documented visual programming language based on Google’s open-source Blockly. After using the Electronics Base Kit with the Mechanical Add-On Kit students will have the ability to envision new solutions using a wide variety of sensors and devices supported in BlocklyProp simply by looking at the BlocklyProp Reference.    


  • Moisture and liquid level sensors for insertion directly into potted plants, soil, or wet environments
  • UV light and color sensors for characterizing the physical attributes of what we see
  • Temperature & humidity sensor for characterizing physical attributes we don't see!
  • Color OLED display for displaying the data to humans

Application Ideas

  • Create an optimal micro-farming system with hydroponics or soil
  • Measure UV light, temperature and humidity to create a smart-watering system
  • Characterize recyclables, fruit or plants by color to automate a process


Kit Contents

  • (1) Moisture Sensor Probe (#28092)
  • (1) UV Light Sensor (#28091)
  • (1) Mini Liquid level Sensor (#28090)
  • (1) ColorPal Color Sensor (#28380)
  • (1) CM2302 Temp/Humidity (#28059)
  • (1) OLED Display (#28087)
  • (2) MCP3002 A/D Converter (#603-00039)
  • (4) 3-pin Headers (#451-00303)
  • (4) Extension cables, 16" (#800-00160)
  • (1) Ribbon Cable FM 200 mm (#800-00064)

Note: Parts and quantities subject to change without notice. For use with the Inventing Electronics Base Kit (#32000) not included.

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