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Inventing Mechanical Add-on Kit

  • 32001: Inventing Mechanical Add-on Kit - kit contents
  • 32001: Inventing Mechanical Add-on Kit - box label
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The Mechanical Add-On Kit provides provides the pieces to convert the Inventing Electronics Base Kit into a rolling robot or motion-inspired inventions for the Henry Ford Invention Convention Worldwide. The desired outcomes of the Inventing Kit Series are inspiration, inventive ability (with electronics, sensors, motors), and self-confidence; Parallax provides examples while students bring ideas, identify problems, and create real-world solutions in their inventions.
A simple rolling robot can be built around a chassis using cardboard, foam-core board or from 3D printing. Even easier, the servos can be attached to the breadboard bottom using double-sided sticky-tape, or consider converting the box to a robot. The tail wheel is mounted with the aluminum brackets. The confidence and creativity gained by a classroom of unique robots may be even more impactful than building from a kit with instructions!

With a bit of student-added creativity and craft supplies, the continuous rotation servo motors and other kit hardware can be used to raise or lower things, automate a process requiring repetitive motion, or make a working physical animation for holidays.          

The programming environment for the Invention Kit Series is BlocklyProp. BlocklyProp is a well-documented visual programming language based on Google’s open-source Blockly. After using the Electronics Base Kit with the Mechanical Add-On Kit students will have the ability to envision new solutions using a wide variety of sensors and devices supported in BlocklyProp simply by looking at the BlocklyProp Reference.    


  • Servos, wheels and tail wheel for robot drivetrain or student-created inventions
  • Mounting hardware: screws, nuts, aluminum brackets
  • PowerPal Module provides for several voltage levels needed for motors or sensors from battery pack (in the Electronics Base Kit)

Application Ideas

  • Rotate a camera, sensor, or holiday animation
  • Customize a simple rolling robot to make an invention prototype  — robotic line painter, cat exerciser, etc.
  • Combine with Security Add-On Kit to make radar-like distance detection devices
  • Combine Environmental Add-On Kit to create mobile environmental measurement inventions — solar trackers, or robotic farming working models


Kit Contents

  • (1) PowerPal Module (#32133)
  • (1) Standard Servo (#900-00005)
  • (2) CR Servo (#900-00008)    
  • (2) ActivityBot Wheel (#721-00021)
  • (2) O-ring tire (#710-00200)
  • (2) Tail Wheel Ball 1" (#700-00009)
  • (6) Universal Straight brackets (#720-00012)
  • (6) Universal L brackets (#720-00011)
  • (1) Small Robot Hardware Pack (#570-00001)
  • (1) Cotter pin (#700-00023)
  • (1) Parallax screwdriver (#700-00064)
  • (1) Parallax Combination Wrench (#700-10025)
  • (1) Battery Holder, 5AA (#753-00007)
  • (5) 10 k-ohm resistor (#150-01030)
  • (4) 3-pin straight header (#451-00303)

Parts and quantities subject to change without notice. Servos require 5AA batteries, not included.

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