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Educator Wayne Greene in Georgia

  • By: Ken Gracey Published: 01 December, 2017 0 comments

Our motivation is your success - when educators and students share their stories we share them via e-mail with the whole office. Earlier this year, we gathered up a box of BASIC Stamp microcontroller modules, Boe-Bot robot parts, and some components that we were unable to sell (returns, I believe) and sent them to educator Wayne Greene in Georgia.

We received this message from Mr. Greene on Friday:

I promised that I would share some photos from my class in which I used your microcontrollers. This class was small last year, but that seems to be because the parents I work with did not understand what microcontrollers are. Now that I ran this class, the interest in them has exploded! I have started purchasing FLiP kits for these classes. I'm going to use them for the Introduction to Microcontrollers and continue using the Board of Education for my continuing students next semester. They will be working with the Boe-Bots!

The point of this email is to say thank you, but this is one of those rare moments when those words just cannot convey my gratitude. You and your company has blessed this program beyond measure. I was absolutely stunned when I opened the box and dug through it. My mind went wild with ideas and concepts I can now bring to the kids and youth in our area that I couldn't have before. Thank you so much!

We cannot express how much we appreciate all of you. I'm working on applications for Basic Stamp, BlocklyProp, and C. The Parallax approach is unique, too - it combines electronics, programming, and robotics.

I cannot tell you how much you and your team has motivated this program and our students. Thank you so much for all you do. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend and a Merry Christmas! Again, thank you. Please pass on our greetings and gratitude to everyone at Parallax.

God bless, Wayne Greene

You are welcome, Mr. Greene!

Ken Gracey, CEO Parallax Inc.