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Propeller Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM)

Advantages of Using the Propeller

Parallax designed the Propeller for product inventors, entrepreneurs, hobbyists and students alike. In a market where microcontrollers are handed to you with a menu of options and configurations, it’s sensible that the commercial product designers would ask if the one-size-fits-all Propeller is an appropriate choice for their products.
  • Flexibility - The Propeller has eight cores and these can be used any way you desire. The Propeller shows this flexibility for a diverse assortment of products like instrumentation, autopilots and robotics, machinery control and renewable energy. These products often have a need for a display, user interface, communication in addition to measurement, control and computation tasks. All of these abilities are nicely partitioned in a Propeller. The requirements of these products vary significantly, so a single-purpose microcontroller with a pre-defined set of peripherals won’t provide the product expansion capabilities.
  • Code Library and Architecture - The Parallax Propeller Object Exchange provides source code objects you can use in your product designs. The Propeller’s multi-core design and object-based programming means your code modules can be packaged up in tidy, interactive modules. An organized relationship between the Propeller hardware makes it easy to add, modify or remove code objects – objects can run concurrently in their own cogs. Single-threaded architecture is a thing of the past.   
  • Support and Stability - Parallax’s 25+ year business record includes consistent growth and stability. Like our other products, the Propeller is just beginning a many-decade production run. The support offered by Parallax is tremendous, whether via forums, telephone, e-mail or in-person by our Field Application Engineers. We’ll work with you, on your terms, to help bring your product to production. And you’ll never receive an “End of Life” notice on this multi-core processor.
  • Manufacturing Support - Parallax Hong Kong manages our own Chinese manufacturing facility. We can manufacture your Propeller product. Contact us for information about this possibility.
  • Price - Low volumes are available in the $6 range with higher volumes (25 K) being available for even less. External component count can also be reduced by using a Propeller. Driving VGA and composite displays are one example.

William J. Steele with Wingman

“I’ve built my company around the Propeller chip and find it extremely easy to use and flexible enough to tackle some of the biggest problems we’ve had. Every one of our products has at least one Propeller chip in it! In a product that costs as much as ours ($1,495), the $6 price per unit is nothing, especially considering the flexibility and code base we base it on, that cost savings alone easily makes up for the unit price difference. We sold 250 units of Wingman at the Oshkosh show and have commitments for 100 per month ongoing.”
- William J. Steele, Wingman airplane display developer