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Hoverfly Technologies

  • The Hoverfly board

Hoverfly Technologies, Inc. ( designs and manufactures multirotor control systems used in high end photography, surveillance, and exploration. Their HoverCore control system firmware uses multiple Propeller Multicore to interface with USB, accelerometers, gyroscopes, GPS, barometric altimeters, and video overlay. Parallax's knowledgeable and experienced Field Application Engineers provided focused support for the video overlay.

Alfred Ducharme, Hoverfly CEO, reports, "We chose the Parallax Propeller Multicore for two primary reasons. First, its ability to hand tasks off to devoted microprocessors using the inherent parallel processing architecture; second, speed to market: drawing from the available community-shared software and powerful, low cost development tools. The Propeller IC has enabled us to jump over existing competitors and achieve sustainable growth in a few short months. It would not have been possible to meet our design requirements with any other processor on the market. A better solution for embedded control simply does not exist."

Hoverfly boards are also an integral part of the flight stabilization system in Parallax's own ELEV-8 Quadcopters.

An ELEV-8 with Hoverfly board