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BASIC Stamp Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM)

These OEM components can be added to your board to include fully functional BASIC Stamp® microcontrollers. They are programmed using our BASIC Stamp Editor. This page contains the three main components of the OEM BASIC Stamp: resonator, EEPROM, and PBASIC Interpreter Chips.  Design your own PCB and build a BASIC Stamp microcontroller on the board.

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OEM BASIC Stamp Design Overview

BASIC Stamp 2 OEM ModuleOur OEM modules are fully functional BASIC Stamp® microcontrollers. They are programmed using our Windows Editor. Just like any BASIC Stamp module you're able to see a variety of working models using easily obtainable through-hole parts. The large and friendly format of our OEM modules makes it easy to see and grasp the location/purpose of individual components. The BS2sx OEM Module (Assembled) approach of making your own board to house BASIC Stamp components will save you considerable costs as opposed to using a 24-pin module, but still offers the same desirable features including reprogrammability. BASIC Stamp Interpreter chips are available in a number of packages. Please note that pin outs may be different so be sure to specify the correct package and use the correct pin out.

Benefits of OEM BASIC Stamp design?

  • Improve time to market
  • Reprogrammability and ease of use
  • Save time developing with a well-proven solution
  • Cost savings; embedding the components of a BASIC Stamp microcontroller costs a fraction of the module itself.
  • As explained above, one of the main purposes behind the BASIC Stamp OEM modules

BASIC Stamp OEM Design Considerations

Power Supply - The BASIC Interpreter (also known as the PBASIC Interpreter chip-shown on the right) requires a regulated/well-filtered 5 Vdc supply. The LM2940 is a positive 5 V regulator which was selected because of its wide operating range, built-in protection features, and ability to deliver up to 1 Amp of current. Be sure to consult the manufacturer's recommendations for input and output capacitance selection for the regulator that you will be using in your design.

Resonator Location - When laying out your board, please choose a location for the resonator that is as close as possible to the BASIC Interpreter, and has the shortest circuit traces possible to ensure reliable operation.

Regulatory Warnings - BASIC Stamp modules and their constituent components are not FCC-approved because they are not in finished product form. If you wish to obtain FCC approval, you must first design the BASIC Stamp microcontroller into a product, then seek FCC approval of the whole product.

Serial Communication - Parallax uses a minimum complement of components to effect an interface between the high levels of RS232 and the relatively low levels of TTL. Regardless of how the line levels are interfaced, there are two important things to note: the idle state of the serial input line (Sin) at the interpreter, (RA.2), is high, so you may need to place a pull-up resistor on the RA.2 pin, also, there must exist some form of loop back from S-in to S-out so that the Stampw.exe software can communicate with the BASIC stamp.

Powering up your OEM BS2 - There are two mutually exclusive ways in which you can power your OEMBS2: apply a 6-24 Vdc to the Vin pin (and ground to the Vss pin) OR apply 5 Vdc to the Vdd pin (and ground to the Vss pin)

BASIC Stamp OEM Glossary

Below is a mini-glossary which covers all of the terms that you may encounter when embedding a BASIC Stamp microcontroller into your project.

  • OEM - Original Equipment Manufacturer. A company/individual that purchases computers or other complex components from manufacturers (Parallax), adds other hardware or software, and sells the systems, often for specific applications.
  • IC - Integrated Circuit. More commonly referred to as a chip.
  • SMD - Surface Mount Device. Usually refers to a surface mount component.
  • SMT - Surface Mount Technology. Refers to the surface mount genre of electronics assembly
  • TH - Through Hole. Pertains to conventional electronic components whose terminals pass through the printed circuit board.  Note: This resonator will NOT tolerate the heat associated with wave soldering so it must be hand-soldered.
  • SO, SOIC - Small Outline, SOIC refers to IC package type. Small Outline Integrated Circuit. This is the larger and less common of the two SMD ICs.
  • SS, SSOP SSOP - Refers to IC package type. Super Small Outline Package. This is the smaller of the two common SMD ICs.
  • DIP - Dual In-line Package. Typical TH IC with two rows of legs parallel to one another.
  • PDIP - Plastic DIP
  • CERDIP - Ceramic DIP
  • PCB - Printed Circuit Board
  • SX Chip - A microcontroller manufactured by Parallax which may serve as an interpreter chip if ordered as a PBASIC part (ex: PBASIC2C/P).
  • PBASIC - Parallax Basic All-Purpose Simple Instruction Code. The PBASIC designation will appear in the part number of a genuine Parallax Interpreter Chip. Note: Standard SX chips (ex: SX18AC/DP) do not include the PBASIC interpreter code and therefore function as microcontrollers programmed using Assembly or the SX/B compiler.
  • PBASIC Interpreter Chip - A PIC chip or SX chip containing special PBASIC coding to make it function as a BASIC Stamp microcontroller.  All features of the corresponding BASIC Stamp module including reprogrammability are included.