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The Original BASIC Stamp Microcontroller

As a rapid prototyping tool for engineers, an affordable controller for hobbyists, and an easy-to-learn platform for technology students, the BASIC Stamp microcontroller prospers in many fields. Common uses include classroom robotics and lab projects from middle schools to universities, scientific field research tools, process control systems, and custom or lower-volume engineering projects.  A wide base of sample applications and source code is available free online.

A BASIC Stamp module is a single-board computer that runs the Parallax PBASIC language interpreter in its microcontroller.  The developer’s code is stored in an EEPROM, which can also be used for data storage.  The PBASIC language has easy-to-use commands for basic I/O, like turning devices on or off, interfacing with sensors, etc.  More advanced commands let the BASIC Stamp module interface with other integrated circuits, communicate with each other, and operate in networks.
The BASIC Stamp Editor Software is the programming environment for all BASIC Stamp modules, and custom devices built with our PBASIC Interpreter chips.  A built-in Debug Terminal supports bidirectional (unidirectional on BS1) communication between the BASIC Stamp and the PC during run-time.

24-pin BASIC Stamp modules

Where is the BASIC Stamp used?

The BASIC Stamp is used in technology education and as an easy-to-program, quick-to-implement solution in many industries including manufacturing, process control, and robotics. Hobbyists and Engineers alike are finding new uses for this powerful microcontroller every day.

When might you choose to use the BASIC Stamp instead of another product?

The BASIC Stamp is a good choice over other microcontrollers when a well-documented module with plenty of free educational tutorials is required. Persons looking to learn programming, sensor control, home automation, and robotics will find the BASIC Stamp to be the perfect tool. Experienced programmers also enjoy the BASIC Stamp microcontroller’s simplicity for quick projects.

Why should you use the BASIC Stamp?

For those new to electronics, the PBASIC language is very powerful yet very easy to learn. BASIC Stamp programming is the perfect entry to technology literacy. Parallax offers a wealth of free support, tutorials and resources for learning how to program and design projects with the BASIC Stamp.