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University and Technical College Programs

University and Technical CollegeParallax’s commitment to lifelong learning with STEM prepares adults for 21st century job markets.  We have the tools and tutorials to ensure that these students graduate ready to jump into careers in modern technological industries.

For introductory robotics and microcontroller courses, we offer a line of educational kits that are specifically designed for beginners. BlocklyProp allows students with no prior experience to get started with our visual programming language and then quickly transition to the industry-standard C language. This method of visual-to-text programming helps new programmers learn how build effective programs and work with electronics before introducing the more difficult concepts of language syntax and structure. BlocklyProp uses a variety of C libraries to turn C code into graphical blocks that snap together to create more complex programs.  This modular approach to programming is a transferable skill in our modern workforce, and the underlying C code it creares can be exported to a C programming tool like SimpleIDE for advanced customization.

Take a look at our Propeller FLiP Try-it Kit and ActivityBot Robot Kit to learn more about how they can benefit your classroom. Each kit can be expanded upon with additional sensors to enhance your curriculum, and our online tutorials in both BlocklyProp and C languages offer the chance to teach visual and text-based programming side-by-side in the same classroom.

Advanced Studies

For courses that require more capable teaching platforms, or delve into intermediate-level programming topics, our ActivityBot Robot, Arlo Robot, and ELEV-8 v3 Quadcopter are some of our most versatile educational kits.  

  • The ActivityBot Robot has a Propeller multicore microcontroller brain that allows unlimited potential for customizing programs, as well as adding peripheral hardware, and the encoder system allows for precision navigation. 
  • If you’re looking for a larger platform, the Arlo robot is robust and modifiable, with quality precision-machined aluminum and HDPE parts that can be purchased a la carte for complete customization and easy maintenance. Arlo can easily handle up to 35lbs of payload, in addition to its own weight. With several control board and programming language options, the Arlo is a natural fit to any EdTech program.
  • The ELEV-8 v3 Quadcopter takes our robotics lessons to the skies. Our in-house designed Propeller control board comes with 9 onboard sensors and room for more, and the fully-modifiable frame makes it simple to assemble or replace parts as needed.  Follow our online tutorials or use them to design your own; our resources and software are freely available to use however it will best suit your program.

Whatever your needs, Parallax has a robotic platform to fit. Contact us today to find out how our products and software can enhance your classroom.