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Homeschool Programs

Homeschool ProgramsParallax offers programming kits to support homeschool students on their path to learning STEM skills. Our educational products teach a variety of STEM skills like programming, electronics, engineering and robotics. We offer free tutorials and assessments, plus a tech support hotline for troubleshooting.

Need to challenge and expand beyond written tutorials into a maker or inventor education? We offer additional input/output devices, motors, tools,etc to expand your students education. Our company was founded by Chip Gracey (a young inventor) back in 1987. We are proud to support education which encourages students to obtain skills allowing them to be creators of technology - not just consumers!

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Parallax Educational Products:

Scribbler 3 Robot (5th Grade through 9th Grade) - The S3 robot is the perfect place for students and teachers to begin their STEM/STEAM journey. The robust S3 is simple enough to set up in minutes, and powerful enough to teach engaging activities throughout the school year. Programming, robotics, and even integrating math and art are all possible with the S3.

FLiP Try-it Kit (7th Grade to College) - Plug the Propeller FLiP module into its breadboard and you are ready to start programming. Step-by-step activities introduce each electronic component. Labels on Propeller FLiP pins help to make the right circuit connections. Remix the kit contents into your own projects, and add on most any 3.3 V or 5 V sensor or accessory. There are no proprietary connectors to limit creativity.

ActivityBot 360 Robot Kit (7th Grade to College) - Build your ActivityBot 360, then learn about programming its multicore Propeller chip brain. Start with building circuits on a breadboard. Later make DIY sensor systems so your robot can navigate on its own. Tutorial options include BlocklyProp graphical programming or C language with simplified libraries. Choose your preference, or go from one to the other for a strong foundation and progression.


  • Programming Platform. Parallax educational products (Scribbler 3 / ActivityBot 360 / FLiP Try-it Kit) all share the same programming platform (BlocklyProp/C+), which allows versatility and flexibility when students move between products.
  • High School Credit. The ActivityBot 360 curriculum is approved for A-G UC Elective
  • Affordable. Free tutorials and assessments for all three products available on
  • Aligns with Next Generation Science Standards and Common Core Standards. Click here to review the standards matrix available for the ActivityBot 360 robot kit.
  • Pathway to STEM Careers. Our products are used in industry - real world hardware supported by a STEM Learning Pathway.

Approved Vendor

Parallax is an approved vendor for the following Homeschool Organizations. Interested in bringing Parallax Inc products to your homeschool program? Send an email to:

Inspire Charter Schools     iLead Exploration     Sage Oak     Summit Academy