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Why BlocklyProp

BlocklyProp Professional Development Course

Parallax has always put educational efforts at the forefront of its business.  We have dedicated ourselves and our products towards improving technological literacy in and out of the classroom, with a wealth of full-length tutorials and texts.  We are not strangers to learning progression.  Our goals have been to foster skill growth at any age, because learning is a lifelong pursuit.  With these principles in mind, Parallax has placed its full support behind the BlocklyProp programming tool.

Visual Programming Language

BlocklyProp CodeBlocklyProp is a visual programming language (VPL).  Unlike the traditional text-based approach to code, these graphical interfaces allow for an easier understanding of programming basics.  Difficult concepts, such as syntax and proper use of capitalization, are replaced by logical code blocks that simply snap together.  This removes a barrier often experienced when first-time coders approach electronics.  The code blocks provide more obvious visual feedback and provides clues to errors while learning.  Yet, the underlying code behind these blocks is not replaced or lost.  BlocklyProp’s block format is mimicked in a real-time code view, which maintains a syntax structure that shows one-to-one correlation between the blocks and equivalent C code.

BlocklyProp's visual aspect makes programming easier and more accessible to all students, but it still focuses on teaching proper coding skills.  Logical thinking and problem solving abilities are favored over the ability to memorize programming language quirks.  For first-time users and younger students, it is both rewarding and encouraging to be able to make a program work quickly and easily without the barrier of learning a language first. We want to foster this type of student engagement and passion for learning so that BlocklyProp becomes just the first step in their technological education.  This is why Parallax firmly believes in BlocklyProp and why we’re constantly improving it for easier use in all learning environments.  It is always online at, available for offline use on a private server, and supported on Chromebooks.

BlocklyProp Family Pages - tutorials

Chromebook Support

Parallax has an application that is supported in Chromebook for our BlocklyProp visual programming language. It is maintained in-house and continues our tradition of free online resources for Education.  If you're on a Chromebook, finding the app is as easy as visiting the Chrome Web Store and looking for our BlocklyProp Launcher.

Available in the chrome web store

Once you've got the app, or if you're using BlocklyProp in a browser session, follow along with a tutorial on  Parallax wants to help everyone, students and teachers, grow with STEM.

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