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Robotics with ActivityBot and Blockly Course

Our ActivityBot is a robust robotics platform.  The base kit has everything you’ll need to get started with robotics, and it comes with a wealth of online Propeller C or BlocklyProp tutorials.  When coupled with BlocklyProp, the ActivityBot robot becomes a fantastic learning tool for beginners.  The open breadboard design also allows for easy adaptation and the addition of peripheral sensors for advanced learning opportunities.

Robotics with Blockly Professional Development Course

ActivityBot Professional Development Course

This professional development course focuses on the incredible versatility of the ActivityBot in the classroom.  We’ll explore how to bridge the divide between visual programming with BlocklyProp and the text-based Propeller C language.  BlocklyProp is experiential learning in real-time.  Your students will be excited when their experiments with coding can be immediately visible in a corresponding response from their robot. For classrooms with students of mixed skill levels, we’ll show you how you can teach both languages in parallel, using the same ActivityBot robot and online tutorial resources.

Course objectives:

  • Building and programming an ActivityBot
  • Exploring BlocklyProp and SimpleIDE software for Mac, Windows, or (BlocklyProp only) Chromebook.
  • Adding sensors for navigation: whiskers, infrared, ultrasonic, and phototransistors.
  • Pairing our online tutorials with the BlocklyProp visual programming environment and SimpleIDE.
    • Moving beyond the basic tutorials with extra programming projects and add-on hardware options.
  • Understanding how best to apply the BlocklyProp and Propeller C software in semester- or year-long courses with a specific parts kit and syllabus, standards correlations, and  assessment material accessible only by educators.

This free course is one or two days long and includes an ActivityBot Robot Kit - yours to keep after the course is finished.  

This professional development course is most appropriate for educators teaching grades 7-12, or at university-level. You will leave with a better understanding of how to incorporate Parallax hardware and BlocklyProp/Propeller C programming into your authentic learning environment.