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Educational Robots

When we think about robotics, there are many different examples that come to mind.  Robots exist in manufacturing, exploration, biomedical fields, Hollywood, and there are even robots that work alongside humans in service industries like fast food.  While each performs a different function, they are all designed to operate under specific parameters and with human-controlled programming.  Parallax’s robotics kits and tutorials allow students to learn and apply the basics of mechatronics, programming, physics, and mathematics to make and program autonomous robots.  Our kits develop transferable skills and an understanding of small-scale robotics, which can be a great asset for future university programs and careers.

STEM Robotics

Robots are exciting and fun, and they are wonderful tools for teaching practical engineering skills.  Being able to build, interact with, and even troubleshoot the robot in a hands-on way helps students make logical connections between theory and reality. This tangible learning approach encourages innovative thinking, problem solving, and keeps them engaged in a way that purely theoretical material often cannot.  We believe that by motivating students towards a deeper connection with STEM principles, we’re setting them up for success as they progress through their education and adult lives.

Our robotics kits are not simply about building robots; gaining fluency with robotics is only part of what makes Parallax Education special. Parallax is dedicated to fostering strong foundations in programming literacy, and this means making educational material available without fee or subscription, to accompany our products. We also strive to make our educational kits and resources work well across multiple platforms and in a variety of programming languages. Every kit we sell provides limitless opportunity for expansion and customization in or out of the classroom, and our mission is to make learning with our products fun, rewarding, and educational.

Explore our Parallax Educational Robot selection to see which is right for your classroom.

STEM Robotics