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Educational Kits

Education Kits from ParallaxElectronic devices are all around us. We interact with them everyday without even thinking about it – mobile phones, microwaves, computers, etc.  Technology is advancing at an astounding rate, and it is essential that the next generation be equipped with the tools to drive innovation and keep this momentum going. Introducing the students of today to modern technology and electronics opens many potential paths into exciting and rewarding future careers in a wide variety of fields. Parallax development kits and tutorials help teach students how to build circuits, use sensors and microcontrollers, and apply these concepts to robotics. Working in a hands-on way with the basic components of modern technology allows students to better understand and interact with the world around us.  We strive to design our educational kits so that they engage imagination, spur innovation, and provide a rewarding learning experience for learners of all ages.

STEM Kits in the Classroom

We have a variety of educational kits that can easily integrate into any classroom environment.  From the BASIC Stamp Activity Kit, which highlights wiring and circuit diagrams, to the FLiP Try-it Kit’s focus on invention and discovery, our products are flexible and complementary.  Our kits come with all the necessary hardware to complete their objective learning goals, and our accompanying software is always free to use.  On, our ample list of tutorials can be used like online textbooks, or downloaded and modified to fit into your specific curriculum.  We support a multitude of programming languages like the visual BlocklyProp language, to the maker-friendly Arduino language, to the more traditional and widely-used text-based C language. We are proud to offer quality products and resources that can suit any classroom.

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