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Teach With: Arlo Robot

Arlo Robotic Platform

Our Arlo Robot is a step up from our small robot line, in both size and capability. This mid-size robotic platform features precision-machined aluminum motor mounts, 36-position disc quadrature encoders, sturdy HDPE top/bottom platforms, and powerful 12V motors – plus it can support up to a 35 lb payload!


Whether you program in PBASIC, C, or Arduino, the versatile Arlo Robot will meet your needs. Already use one of our small robots in your classroom? Remove its control board and mount it to the Arlo base! Tutorials on our Learn website will show you how to use Arlo with the Propeller Activity Board WX (included in the Arlo Complete Kit), the BASIC Stamp Board of Education, or Board of Education Shield for Arduino. Arlo is recommended for students in late high school or above, as soldering and mechanical assembly are required.

Get to know Arlo:

  • Step-by-step assembly (6-10 hours)
  • Powered by (2) 12V rechargable SLA batteries
  • Suitable for grades 12+
  • Programmed via USB
  • Program in PBASIC, C, or Arduino language
  • Web-based assembly guide and examples
  • Compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux, Chromebook (for Arduino or PBASIC only)
  • Compatible with the Propeller Activity Board WX, BASIC Stamp Board of Education, or Board of Education Shield with Arduino Uno
  • (4) PING))) Ultrasonic Distance Sensors included
  • Fully customizable

Resources for the Arlo Robot:

Looking to discuss program options with a Parallax education team member, one-on-one? Call our Educator Hotline (8 am-5 pm PT, Monday through Friday): (916) 625-6801.

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