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Teach With: The ActivityBot Robot

ActivityBot Robot

The Parallax Propeller combines ease-of-learning with a high-powered, modern microcontroller. With the horsepower-equivalent of eight Arduinos in one chip, students will do things that are not possible with less powerful microcontrollers.


The ActivityBot 360° Robot is multicore programming in action. It features two Feedback 360° High Speed servos with built-in encoder sensors for consistent navigation, and a Propeller microcontroller "brain" for true multitasking capabilities. Programmed graphically with BlocklyProp, or in text with the industry-recognized C language, the ActivityBot is the ideal entry point to beginning robotics, or a customizable small platform for more advanced studies. Our free web-tutorials take students step-by-step through assembly, introductory programming, and navigation using a variety of sensors. Our Learn website also features BlocklyProp Propeller C projects and robot contest ideas for additional in-class learning or for use in robotics clubs, after-school clubs, maker spaces and more.

Get to know the ActivityBot:

  • Step-by-step assembly (1-2 hours)
  • Powered by 5-AA batteries
  • Suitable for grades 9+
  • Program in C language or graphical BlocklyProp
  • Web-based tutorials
  • Compatible with Windows, Mac, and Chromebook
  • Uses the Propeller multi-core microcontroller
  • Sensors use touch, visible light, ultrasound, and infrared light
  • Supports WAV audio output from SD card files

Resources for the ActivityBot Robot:

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