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Propeller Tool Software for Windows (Spin & Assembly)

Download Summary

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For programming the Propeller 1 & 2 (P8X32A & P2X8C4M64P) in Spin and Assembly languages. The Propeller Tool includes the programming software, USB driver, Propeller Manual, PE Kit Labs text and example code, schematics, quick reference, Propeller Help and tutorial examples.

File NameSizeUpload Date
P8X32A-Setup-Propeller-Tool-v1.3.2.zip19.69 MBMon, 2012-10-08 15:42
Propeller_v2.3.0.0_Alpha.zip1.45 MBThu, 2020-09-03 09:17
Propeller_v2.2.0.0-Alpha.zip1.44 MBWed, 2020-06-17 11:43

Download Version & Details

Do NOT plug in USB.

Download the latest software. Run the software installer. Connect your hardware.
Do NOT connect your hardware to USB or Serial port until AFTER you have installed the software. Step 1: Download the software to your computer Step 2: Run the Installer and follow the prompts Step 3: Connect your hardware to USB or serial port

Version 2.4 (r3)

Supports Windows 7/8/8.1/10 (no RT variations supported). Requires a web browser to view Help system. Installer includes software, USB driver, Propeller Manual, PE Kit Labs text and example code, Spin Tutorial in the Propeller Help, schematics, quick reference.


  • v2.4 (r3)
    • Installs the Parallax font along with the Propeller Tool software
  • v2.4 (r2)
    • Fixes start menu to include Parallax Serial Terminal within Propeller Tool group
    • Updates Parallax Serial Terminal to v1.3.1 (which displays block cursor in Rx Pane and translates MicroPython REPL's backspace escape sequence properly)
  • Supports Propeller 1 [P8X32A] and Propeller 2 [P2X8C4M64P] Rev B & C
  • Updated to include P2 compiler release from 10/25/2020; same as in PNut v34z
  • Added P2 Spin2 and PASM2 syntax highlighting rules
  • Installs library and examples to user's Documents folder (in subfolder: Propeller Tool)

See more details and previous releases in release notes