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Propellent Software

Download Summary

The Parallax Propellent software is a Windows-based tool for compiling and downloading to the Parallax Propeller chip. Propellent offers APIs and a standalone executable for the compilation and loading processes used in the Propeller Tool.

File NameSizeUpload Date
P8X32A-Propellent-v1.6.zip738.73 KBThu, 2013-04-04 10:18
P8X32A-Propellent-v1.5.zip770.94 KBMon, 2012-10-08 15:47

Download Version & Details

Propellent is an open-source software project; developer files are available from the Propellent Library and Executable Source Code page.


Version 1.6 [Executable/Library]

(Released 04/03/2013)

  • Enhanced to return the Unique Message ID as the application's error code (ie: %ERRORLEVEL% in a batch file).  This includes all possible message ID's: Fatal Errors, Information, and Events.  The last one before the application terminates is what ends up as the application's error code.

Version 1.5 [Executable/Library]

(Released 07/26/2012)
  • Fixed bug that displayed a source line from the wrong file when a compile error was caused by a missing object file.  This would occur if the missing object file was not the first object referenced (2nd object or beyond).
  • Enhanced dialog display to make source line, and error message, more clear.