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AN015 Creating Schmitt-Triggered Inputs on the P8X32A Propeller Microcontroller

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Propeller P8X32A Application Note AN015. Schmitt-triggering diminishes or eliminates logic-level uncertainty from signals having slow rise/fall times and those burdened with superimposed noise. It achieves this using positive feedback to create a hysteresis band about the threshold of a logic input, which must be crossed in its entirety to effect a state change. With the addition of external resistors, along with programmed positive feedback, the P8X32A can enjoy the benefits of Schmitt-triggering on any of its inputs.

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AN015-SchmittTrigger-v1.0.pdf109.52 KBFri, 2014-04-18 14:43
AN015-SchmittTrigger-Code-v1.0.zip13.34 KBFri, 2014-04-18 14:43