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AN013 GUI & Graphics Series – Menus and Messaging with the Propeller Window Manager Framework

Download Summary

Propeller P8X32A Application Note AN013. This GUI & Graphics Series tutorial illustrates how to create complex, data-driven GUI applications based on the Propeller Window Manager Framework (WMF). The demos provided illustrate the use of menus, buttons, and event handler development to implement entire GUI applications that control real world devices. This tutorial builds upon the foundations built in the GUI & Graphics Series AN004: Getting Started with VGA and Terminal Output. Also in this series, AN005: Simple VGA Menus discusses this material in a more introductory manner.

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AN013-WMF-Menus-v1.0.pdf1.29 MBFri, 2014-04-18 14:41
AN013-WMF-Menus-Code-v1.zip115.1 KBFri, 2014-04-18 14:41