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"I have two classes currently using this product. Students need to see this ahead of time and understand that what they are playing with in high school is not a toy; it’s viable technology. They become prepared for new careers in the Internet of Things, everything from smart appliances to self-driving vehicles."

- Mike Harrison, a Great Bay Community College faculty member in the Information Systems Technology Department

"Over the last three years, I have been building a wire bending CNC machine to produce a product for which I have a patent pending…After reviewing several products, I decided that the Propeller chip should fulfill my needs…I have called Parallax customer support on numerous occasions, and on all occasions, their staff was always very friendly and very willing to help me resolve any problem that I might be having at the time. Additionally, the Propeller forum has a wealth of forum members that are more than willing to help you resolve some of the simpler and even more complex issues…After three years of hard work, I would like to sum it all up. I am glad I chose the Propeller to control this machine, because it works flawlessly."

- Bruce Drummond, Novel Solutions

"I wanted to write to thank you for a great robot, and great products. I purchased a Parallax Boe-Bot kit about a year ago, added the line sensor kit to it, and with a little programming assistance from my 14 year old son, the Boe-Bot took first place in the NM RoboRAVE University Challenge event. This robot, combined with the quality line sensors you sell are unbeatable. I ordered the line following kit with just one week to spare before the contest, your quick delivery came through and made a believer out of me. The RoboRAVE competition is based upon the Lego NXT robotics platform. My son was the only team who entered a Parallax product, and your system was so far superior, even with two missed attempts out of five (one broken wire, one loaded wrong program) he won the competition hands down. Just imagine how much better the Parallax product is to the NXT! Thank you again for your great product and I look forward to advancing in the competition with your products."

- Michael T. Moore

"I think that the Propeller chip is the most amazing thing I have seen in a long long time. My hat goes off to all of you who worked on it….Well, I am still somewhat green on learning all things Propeller, but I can already see the power. I just got a PWM working and I am changing the pulse width using commands over the serial port. I think this means I am running 3 COGs. I’m no expert yet but this is a great start. I went from scratching my head a few nights ago to bowing to the chip on my hands and knees today. I can’t wait to see what else I can do with it. I plan on adding it to my spring lecture on Microprocessors and tell my students, here comes the future!"

- Thomas Sullivan

"I recently became interested in robotics…Starting with the Propeller kit was simple. Parallax provides sets of manuals that are now combined in a single 200+ page volume that takes you from setting up the kit on a breadboard, complete with pictures to make the setup relatively idiot proof, to a systematic lesson plan on programming the chip in their high level language called Spin…The experiments and examples in the comprehensive Propeller Education Kit Labs were excellent in guiding me through from simply flashing an LED to making a working metal detector. The manual explains electronics theory in an easy manner that I feel anyone who has not taken any classes in electronics would understand and spark interest. In the Parallax Discussion Forums I found that the members are very helpful for us beginners and the Propeller Object Exchange is full of interesting applications that are generally well documented. I have followed the code on several of these applications and also have found them very helpful. I highly recommend this company's products and services for anyone from expert to novice."

- Martin Montague

"Thank you for the excellent customer service you have. It is the best I have ever seen! Thank you also for hosting the Forums. They provide a great source of help and ideas."

- Peter Quello

"I agree with the comments made by others about the excitement generated over the imagined possibilities that are made available via the innovative, functional and affordable Parallax products. After 15+ years of using your products I just thought that I should say thanks. Even if Parallax were to never produce another hardware or software product, you have left a serious mark on the technical world, even if it is appreciated most by hobbyists. However, it seems that you are only getting warmed up. The propeller, spin/asm language, Propeller Tool and forum reveals not just a great product but a serious commitment to support it. Why can't the rest of the world be like Parallax?"

- Mark O'Hern

"I must tell you that I am starting to really dislike Parallax!  Why?  Well you people treat your customers so well, easy purchasing, rapid phone and email support, such as your instant response to my inquiry, excellent product and associated tutorials, that it really makes it tough on a person when they have to buy something from any other manufacture or store and get the normal terrible product and support.  Seriously, in all of my 70 plus years I have not encountered a company that is so good to do business with as Parallax.  You employees must have to pay Parallax to work for them or are you employees the reason Parallax is so good?"

- Robert Betz

"Thanks for your speedy reply. Your offer to send out the 28042 as a no-charge sample really knocks my socks off. I don't consider that sensor module to be an inexpensive about going above and beyond, my gosh! I think Parallax has an excellent grasp on how much customer support creates customer loyalty but this is so much more than is required of you to do. I love being a Parallax customer and pass that along to as many people as I can. Positive word of mouth exposure can be pretty powerful too and that is another thing that is a direct result of the great support that you have working for you. Thanks to all of you for making up one of the few companies these days who "gets it"...I believe that you'll continue to succeed because of it!"

- Tim Medema

"I am an aspiring electronics geek from Bay City, Michigan. I just wanted to send you folks at Parallax a well deserved thank you. I was introduced to your line of products while talking a class at a local career center. As time went on, I began exploring more of your products. You have a great company, great products, and great customer support. With very little knowledge on how to use some of your products, I was able to very easily incorporate them into my designs. You have made even the most complex items so easy to use. Even a high school student, with very minimal training and little to no guidance, can use them. I just felt the need to let you know that you have something wonderful, and I will keep watching for the next big thing that you come out with."

- Jared Julien

"I have become enamored with your company over the last few months. At first it was because I burned out a BASIC Stamp 2 and, without asking for it, was offered a replacement one for free by your tech support. Then I discovered your web 2.0 presence (Facebook, YouTube, Twitter). I've never seen an electronics company embrace new tech and actually put it to good use. Keep up the good work."

- Curt Dvonch

"I just wanted to drop you guys a line and say thank you for all the great resources you have for those of us interested in robotics. I am a mathematics major at Idaho State University and spend most of my spare time either designing robots to do trivial things around the house, or preparing for the stratosphere! Parallax hardware will be providing the "brains" for an upcoming near-space launch, inspired by literature acquired from your site. Parallax has been instrumental in both learning the basics and providing access to advanced resources, and I will continue to rely on you in the future for all (most) of my robotic needs."

- Dustan Brown

"You answered my questions and then some. Thank you very much! In terms of Customer Support, organization and responsiveness you guys really stand out. Thanks again."

- Eric Mohler

"You should know that since that email I have completely changed my curriculum for my Microprocessor class to the Propeller. My class has adapted well to the Propeller including two students who came back this semester just to learn the Propeller. We purchased 10 demo boards, USB cables and Power supplies. Everybody goes home and programs their homework.  I feel that I am more of an intermediate user now possibly bordering on expert. I have used the Propeller for a bunch of projects and have submitted two Objects to the web site and participated in the Propeller Contest last fall. I tell all the other guys at work all about the Propeller and what you can do with it. So far I have gotten two Engineers using it and one new hire used it for his final project at college last spring.

Anyway, I’m hooked. I have built commercial products with a lot of other micros in my life but I am all Propeller now. Tell Chip and everyone else there, I think you guys are great!"

- Thomas Sullivan